The Story Behind Recording We Are The Voice


11 year old Todd added his amazing voice to the track. Currently, he is appearing in the West End in School of Rock.


Freya attends Stagecoach, Hinchley Wood.


Lauren is another of our Stagecoach, Hinchley Wood singers

Siolfor-Rose & Ellie

Siolfor-Rose and Ellie are both Year 5's and sang beautiful solo parts.

On Sunday, March 3rd, the atmosphere was palpable as children from several local Surrey school choirs came together to record at Hook Road Studios, Kington. Excitement mixed with passion for the subject of the song. Children are genuinely shocked by images of dead whales’ stomachs full of plastic, strangled turtles and seabirds dying in plastic bags. The song will express their voice. Originally written for the World Summit on Sustainable Development (The Earth Summit) in Johannesburg 2002, the song, We Are The Voice, was performed at the opening of the Civil Societies ceremony. The song will spearhead a new children’s plastic awareness campaign of the same name.

The recording and rehearsing events were as plastic-free as possible. Musical director, Aleisha Shimizu, vocally warmed-up the children and used team-building exercises to break the ice. Children were then funnelled into the studio in small groups to sing various parts.







Many people have donated their time, skills and expertise for making this project a reality. 


Sponsored by donations to JustGiving and Elmbridge Arts Council 

Special Thanks go to: 

Alison Trott for all her brilliance and help with media

Alison Stevenson: for admin support

Teresa Simmonds of Madcat Designs for creating our gorgeous logo and song artwork

Emily Boulting at Riverhouse Barn for our charitable partnership 


Aleisha Shimizu: teaching, conducting and co-producing We Are the Voice

The teachers from the various participating schools who gave out-of-school hours to teach the song: Melanie Edwards from Stagecoach Hinchley Wood; Lorraine Donnaghy from Mini Molesey Theatre Club; Sally Cary from St Lawrence C of E Junior school; Liz Searle from St Lawrence C of E Junior school; Miss O’ Neil from Esher High, Nicola Hill from Weston Green


Sam Hannaford and James Findlater of Lua Sounds who did such a great job of recording and co-producing the track 

Richard Searle for remixing and mastering


Our videomakers, Kim Sobotie and Max Schopp for our brilliant videos 

and Paul Kateley for additional filming

Several children sang solo parts: Siolfor-Rose Shimizu aged 9, who attends Weston Green School; Ellie Searle aged 10 who attends St Lawrence C of E Junior school; Lauren Widdowson and Freya Buckley, both aged 12 and attend Stagecoach, Hinchley Wood. Also appearing as a soloist was Todd Dachtler aged 11. Todd is currently appearing in a West End musical and attends Esher High School.

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11 year old Todd added his amazing voice to the track. Currently, he is appearing in the West End in School of Rock.