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Our Vision

We Are the Voice Children’s Choir sings for the climate, trees, oceans, wildlife facing extinction and for the children’s futures. We record and perform unique, original material and act as environmental ambassadors. We raise awareness of various environmental issues, including plastic pollution. We have performed at COP26 in Glasgow, various theatres and public events, council settings and taken our message into schools. We believe singing raises spirits, helps alleviate ‘eco-anxiety’ and helps win-over hearts and minds, whilst inspiring community action.

We are named after a song written by Founder/Director Niamh Clune in 2002, for the Earth Summit in Johannesburg. Niamh and her daughter, Aleisha Shimizu, were invited by WWF to perform the song at the opening concert. 18 years on, in March 2019, Niamh, now a grandmother, realised the song's message was just as relevant. She and teammates, Aleisha and Ali Trott brought together six local schools from Surrey to re-record the song and launch it as an anthem to Mother Earth. The We Are the Voice environmental children's choir was born! 

Since then, We Are the Voice has built a repertoire of exciting new material and is available to perform in a number of different settings. 

Songs: (Click On Links)

We Are the Voice

House On Fire



Just A Boy

Orang Utan


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