Niamh Clune (We Are the Voice) with Mary Creagh (Labour Chair of the Environmental Audit Committee), with founders of Plastic Education: Jeremy Payne (Headmaster St. James School Bournemouth) Tony Bishop ( St. Mary's Sailing Club) 


We Are the Voice gives children a platform on which to express their views, concerns, ideas and actions regarding the future of their planet, through different, creative mediums such as music, art, poetry, discussion, and action. Our aim is to encourage environmentally-aware, active citizens of the future. We are achieving this by working within schools. 

Education is key to our project within the context of  active citizenship, meaning for learning, and democracy. We Are the Voice  is addressing the environmental crisis in which we now find ourselves. Our first project will focus on raising plastic awareness. We are offering a FREE workshop to schools, which is fully downloadable from our website. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

Through our workshop we will

  1. Raise awareness and educate children about the effects of plastic in our oceans through our song, art, and discussion

  2. Suggest a Take-Home Earth-Guardian Challenge 

  3. Give children an active voice by organising a Message On A Bottle campaign to toy manufacturers asking them to cut out plastic wrapping

  4. Inspire a sense of guardianship for our planet, encouraging a sense of active citizenship and hope for the future.


Several of our local schools were excited about the opportunity to record our song, “We Are the Voice,” which was released through all major music outlets on 26th April 2019. The song spearheads our eponymously named “We Are the Voice” plastic awareness project . This feel-good way of engaging children with the most defining issue of our time: plastic pollution and Climate Change was originally written for the World Summit on Sustainable Development (The Earth Summit) in Johannesburg 2002.We feel its message is even more relevant today. Follow this link to hear the song HERE  


As a Take Home from the workshop, children will be asked to take an Earth-Guardian Challenge. This involves ways in which they can cut down on their use of plastics in the home. Certificates will be awarded to those who make the best efforts.


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