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My experience of rehearsing and recording We Are the Voice - By Amelie Stevenson

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

I remember my mum going into a "We are the voice" meeting to start with. The next morning, I found out that I had been picked to sing for this anti plastic campaign. I was really excited to do it and already looking forward to the recording {even though that wouldn't be for a while yet}.

The first time I heard the song it sounded amazing and I realized how important it actually is to cut down on plastic, it is everywhere and needs to be cleaned up. We need to speak up for all the places that are being polluted because they dont have a voice like we do. If we want something to stop we talk to someone about it whereas the places and animals can't do that. It is our future and we need to all put an effort into cutting down plastic to keep the world running.

Firstly we had a day of rehearsals on February 10th. About 40 singers from lots of different schools came together to rehearse the song.

Here we are warming up our voices for the rehearsal

Here we are getting together at the end of the rehearsal day

Since then, I have been interviewed a couple of times - once on BBC Radio Surrey and once on Kids radio - just to help people hear about our project and what they can do to help.

Last weekend {March 3rd} we went to the recording studio to record the song. It was so much fun and we were all proud of each other for what we had done and how far we had got with the song and this project. We went into the recording studio in small groups and were recorded. We had to be very still while we were being recorded. No fidgeting allowed!

This is our group in the recording studio

This is us from the sound room

I want to thank Niamh and Aleisha for making this all happen. We have all enjoyed it so much and are looking forward to hearing the final copy of the song which will be launched on April 26th. We are also looking forward to singing it to an audience and raising awareness of this very important anti-plastic campaign...WE ARE THE VOICE


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