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We Are The Voice
Children's Environmental Choir


Winning hearts and minds
Inspiring Positive Change
One Song At A Time


Who We Are

We Are the Voice Children’s Choir sings for the climate, trees, oceans,

conservation of wildlife and for the children’s futures. 

Original Material

Inspired Beginnings

In 2002, Niamh Clune, environmental campaigner, singer/songwriter, wrote a song specially for the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg. The summit was hosted by WWF and attended by Nelson Mandela. Niamh and her daughter Aleisha were invited to perform the song entitled We Are The Voice at the opening of the Civil Society Ceremony. 


BY 2019, the Greta Factor was lighting up our screens, Niamh felt the song was still relevant for a new generation. She and her daughter, Aleisha, brought together six local schools to re-record a children's version of the song to raise local, environmental awareness. We Are The Voice Children's Environmental Choir was born and established as a charity.


Niamh and Aleisha write all the choir's material, working alongside Sam Burgess, bass player/ multi-instrumentalist and producer of Ronnie Scott's All Stars fame. All the choir's songs reference different environmental issues whilst carrying a positive, generational message of hope for the future. 


Influenced by the music of the sixties and seventies, Niamh realised how powerful music can be to effect generational change. From Civil Rights to Anti-War songs. Protest songs can be positive messages of hope, change and inspiration. They can also educate. Songs have always held a mirror up to the world, reflecting the things going on around us, and, arguably, have influenced society like no other art form. A good song delivers a message in a way that information alone cannot, as it reaches people on many levels at once. Niamh and Aleisha believe that Music is the perfect partner for inspiring social change, and a positive way of helping our young people's voices to be heard.

The Children

​The choir's ages range from 6 - 16. The children are passionate about animals and protecting the environment. In 2021, from more than 4,000 applicants, the choir was selected to sing at COP26 in Glasgow. They have also performed in theatres and many public events including the House of Commons, received a Green Apple Award, performed at the PEA Awards as well as performing on the iconic Disneyland, Paris stage and RHS Flower Shows. 


For info about inviting us to your event to spread a little light, joy and hope for the future, or if your child would like to join us, please contact us: 

We look forward to hearing from you!!!


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