We Are the Voice 

FREE school workshop on the dangers to our oceans of excessive,

unnecessary plastic wrapping and what we can all do about it.  

Participating schools so far: 

“I would definitely recommend the workshop to other schools and teachers. It’s something that is so important to the children and that came through with their discussion, the actions, and through the outcome of the workshop. But on top of that it showed the children that they are important, that their voice should be heard.”  -  Liz Searle, Head of Yr4, St Lawrence Junior School, 2019

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We Are The Voice Children's

Environmental Choir-

Encouraging creativity and


All our material is original - much of it written by the children themselves. We include vocal training, harmony, interval singing, breathing techniques, song-writing, musicianship, stage presence, recording technique and awareness of environmental issues - encouraging talent to blossom and find its own voice.

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