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How You Can Join Our Campaign

This is our first blog! In it, I will make some suggestions as to how you can become an influencer in your own environment.

Remember! A child's voice is powerful! You can make a difference!

You can persuade your parents, family, friends, schools to help. Tell them how upset you are when you see images of dead whales’ stomachs full of plastic, strangled turtles and seabirds dying in plastic bags. Tell them how you care about the environment and want to make a difference. Ask them to help you adopt plastic-free strategies. Every single plastic thing that you persuade others not to use will mean less pollution in the seas. Remember! Recycling alone is NOT enough. We must persuade everyone to STOP buying unnecessary plastic!

Let's begin at home.

How much plastic do you use in your home? Make a list of all the plastic things you use everyday: Shower bottles, deodorants, washing up liquids, shampoo bottles. You can reduce these things by using soap instead of shower gel, swap plastic cotton buds for biodegradable ones; get your parents to buy liquid detergent in recycled plastic bottles or find a refill station near you to fill them up. Choose toilet paper that comes in recycled packaging where possible. Become a researcher, a sleuth! Track down solutions to these everyday products and tell others about them.

Here are some suggestions based on an article in The Guardian newspaper January 3rd 1. In the US, 1 billion plastic toothbrushes are thrown out each year, creating around 50 million pounds worth of waste. Try using bamboo toothbrushes with charcoal bristles instead of plastic ones. These take about six months to biodegrade back into the soil. Do this when you need a new brush. 2. Use reuseable fabric shopping bags rather than plastic ones. Remember! Even the plastic bags-for-life are still plastic. 3. Try persuading your parents to buy wholesale, putting dried products such as rice, pasta and lentils into glass jars to avoid buying products wrapped in plastic. Is there somewhere near you where you can do this? 4. Recycle old plastic toys. Search for a toy library in your area to borrow from or donate to. And consider charity shops when looking for gifts. 5. Carry a reuseable coffee cup or flask; There are very nice cups made from bamboo. 7 million plastic-lined coffee cups are thrown away in the UK every day!!! 6. Say NO to plastic cutlery. Carry a fork with you or use a compostable alternative. 7. Ask your parents not to use cling film wrap for your food. It cannot be recycled in most UK collections. Foil is recyclable, so use foil instead. Or for fridge storage, Ikea makes lovely glass storage containers that can also be used in the oven.

8. Do your parents use electric or metal razors? These are better than plastic, disposable ones.

9. Do you use plastic cotton buds? Make sure you use biodegradable ones instead.

10. Do you use plastic straws? Please use paper ones. And you can buy biodegradable paper cups/plates as well...for those days out!

11. In our next blog, I will be talking about Manufacturer Responsibility!


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