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Updated: May 24, 2023

We Are the Voice Children's Environmental Choir is always looking for new young singers. Our children are aged between 7 and 16, and one of our greatest joys is to watch them grow, mature and develop self-confidence and self-expression.

We ask for a very simple audition. Contact us for the details if you are interested in your child joining us. We are not necessarily looking for virtuoso singers; we are looking for tuneful singers. This is important because we do a lot of recording and live performances so being able to sing in tune is very important. We want our music to be taken seriously as we deliver our passionate message for the environment.

Children are given the opportunity to learn vocal technique, breath control, intonation, interval singing, and harmony, as well as lots of other elements involved in delivering a great performance. Even though part of a choir, we want every child to feel special and important and be given the opportunity to show off their uniqueness and shine.

We have done some great gigs from COP26 in Glasgow to singing at the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show, mayoral balls, and theatres, as well as performing our own unique show: I AM THE EARTH. We film, record, perform, write unique songs, and have lots of wonderful adventures together.

We don't believe in hitting people over the heads with our environmental message which is basically all about how many SMALL, positive, local actions WILL bring about BIG change. Many small steps DO conquer mountains. We believe in winning hearts and minds through our music and helping create positive environmental change one song at a time. Our children feel empowered and engaged: very important in this day and age when eco-anxiety is obviously prevalent among so many young people.

We fundraise to subsidise our recording, filming and teaching activities. For details on our rehearsal times, look at our poster above. On the poster, you will also find our QR codes to visit us on YouTube and Spotify.

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