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My amazing experience with 'We Are The Voice'

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

When I was first asked to be part of this eco campaign I was really excited as I wanted to help save our planet and show people how cruel we are being - sometimes without us even knowing. This opportunity has benefited me by really opening my eyes to the world and showing me how much plastic we use in every day life that is rather unnecessary. Now I am trying to cut down in plastic everyday, as should everyone else.

At school, me and a few other children practised the main part of the song in our lunchtimes with Mrs Cary (our deputy head) but when we had our rehearsal day at St Lawrence Junior School I, as well as many others, realised how amazing and special this song will be once properly produced. During our day at St Lawrence many local schools, including Hinchley Wood Stagecoach and Mini Molesey came together with a few of their children to make a choir of roughly 40 children... What an amazing day!!! I was so excited for the recording (even though it was still a while until it actually happened!)

This is us warming up.

Following on to this, on the 3rd of march we recorded the song at Hook Road Studios. It was so amazing being in a real recording studio as it wasn't something that everyone would have a chance to do. In groups we all recorded separate parts and we all got to wear headphones... it was so fun! Here is the group I recorded with:

The first amazing opportunity that arose from this for me was an interview with BBC Surrey - it was so much fun! In April, we are hoping to be on Sky Sunrise to promote the song even more - I am so excited!

This is us after the interview

What loads of people don't think about is that humans don't necessarily 'rule' Earth; animals live here and have the same rights as us on this planet. Cruel people are ruining these poor creatures' homes (cutting down trees, polluting the seas etc) and leaving them homeless until they sadly die. If this happened to a human, people would care more but animals have feelings and thoughts as well. In addition, nature is being killed by our reckless behaviour but they don't have a voice to tell us to stop; so we are the voice.

Hopefully this song reaches out to many people and people don't just listen to it but become inspired by it because everyone has put so much effort into the recording. Of course, not every bit of plastic has to be banished; by recycling packaging (or upcycling it yourself) your little actions help.

Thank you to Niamh and Aleisha for making this all happen.

By doing one simple thing - cutting down on plastic - you could be saving an animal's life! Isn't that amazing?! No plastic isn't drastic! Remember... WE ARE THE VOICE!


By Ciara Sukul


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