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Too Much Plastic in Shops! :(

Me and my brother did some research in a couple of toy shops.

Here’s what we discovered:

* When you look down a toy aisle, it’s just an ugly sea of plastic! (with lots of pink!)

* Nearly every toy was covered in plastic packaging - we understand that's because they need to be kept clean and undamaged and they need to show off the toy, so the kids can see what they’re buying. But why do they need to display every single tiny item? And how else could they be displayed without actually seeing what’s in the box?

* Some really small toys come in really big boxes with way too much packaging - this is to make the toys look bigger and better than they actually are! It’s almost like tricking the children!

* A few toys were just in cardboard boxes without the plastic outer packaging, right next to similar toys with plastic packaging. Why do some manufacturers use more plastic than others, even though the toys are almost the same?

* Some teddies were displayed on branded shelves with no packaging at all. We thought this was much better than having them all wrapped up.

* We went to look at what we thought would be ‘good examples’ of boxed packaging, but were really disappointed and annoyed to see that nearly all the jigsaw boxes and some board game boxes were also wrapped in plastic - WHY add plastic when there’s already cardboard?!

* We looked at lots of magazines and noticed that all the kid’s ones were wrapped in plastic and had useless plastic toys, whereas the adult aisle had normal magazines without any plastic; Do children really need freebies with every magazine?

By Callum and Leo :D (11 & 9)


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