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Singing for the Climate at COP26

We are so excited to have been chosen from more than 4,000 applicants to sing at COP26 in Glasgow. Some may wonder how singing can change anything. The 60's showed how a good protest song could enlighten a whole generation. It can also inspire hope and action, and empower people by raising spirits and bringing us together in a common cause.

When children see images of turtles strangled with plastic ties, or dolphins starving to death with stomachs full of plastic, or hear about yet another species extinction, or a fire raging out of control or epic floods, it's no wonder they feel eco-anxiety and fear for their futures. Eco-anxiety is growing, and refers to "the chronic fear of environmental doom". It's no wonder climate activists are gluing themselves to motorways in acts of total desperation. Our campaign, however, aims to win hearts and minds and raise hope.

Our children are amazing. They are the Davids slaying the Goliath of climate change. We should be doing all we can to help them.

Come and see us performing our environmental song programme in Kingston October 30th at 2pm in the Market Place. We are doing this in collaboration with Friends of the Earth as a decentraised COP26 event. We hope to see loads of you there, waving your banners and singing along with our anthem: We Are the voice. Let's bring you with us in spirit when we travel to Glasgow.

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