Starting our Environmental Choir

Back in April we recorded our environmental theme song called We Are the Voice. The song was such a hit with the children and with the schools we work in that we decided to establish an Elmbridge-wide children's environmental choir. Just like We Are the Voice, all our material is original and about different perspectives on nature and the environment. We will be including material written by the children, and our rehearsals will have a workshop feel with voice coaching and breathing exercises thrown in for good measure. We want our choir to be a real learning experience: everything from voice-training, harmony, stage presence, song-writing, recording and, of course, threaded through all this will be environmental awareness

We are currently learning a new song, inspired by the words of Greta Thunberg. It's a rock song and the lyrics are very dynamic. The children love it and are looking forward to performing it at The Riverhouse Barn, Walton-on-Thames on January 11th when we are singing at an event all about sustainability.

In the New Year, we will be holding auditions and are always looking for fabulous singers ages 8+. Contact us if you know of any brilliant, talented young singers. We LOVE talent and really want to offer young people a platform and an effective environmental voice.

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